Miley Cyrus’ hot makeout session with a unicorn

Miley Cyrus is only features on the new Borgore video, but her part is a primary source of interest. The video was released on Thursday and fans were waiting for the first glimpse of Decisions. As Borgore is a DJ with global acclaim, this was Miley Cyrus’ first contribution to a music video in a while and fans wanted to see why all the fuss over the images. Of course it's harmless fun, except if you ask Miley's critics who always make her actions into a controversial nightmare.

For those fans familiar with Los Angeles, the majority of the outside setting was filmed at Venice Beach, which is only minutes from Hollywood. With plenty of shots of the beach area as the DJ was pulling his cake, Miley Cyrus is seen a number of times too.
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One scene that has everyone laughing is the make out session Miley Cyrus has with the unicorn. While Liam Hemsworth is underneath that unicorn head, the tongue of Miley Cyrus has everyone giggling as she does her best to try to get it in the hole of the costume. As most will see, it’s just a funny moment and fans know how Miley has a great sense of humor!

Take a look at the video clip of Decisions. Don't forget to check out the end where Miley is seem looking off into the sunset.